Online Concerts

Since April we have been developing several models for online concerts! We love to partner with venues, festivals and arts presenters around the world to find the format that works best for your audiences.

Etkin is joined by his sidekick Clara Net as they meet new musical friends from aroud the world. The concerts are highly interactive - children will be singing along, drumming, learning new dances as they become friends with Clara Net and her instrument friends, excited and empowered to create music themselves!  We have been astounded by videos parents have sent of their children talking to the screen as if Oran was their sitting in their living rooms with them!

Concert Format Options:

  • Live interactive solo concerts that get families participating in their homes - starring Oran, his friend Clara Net and instrument friends from around the world
  • Pre-recorded concerts for families that include beautifully produced videos for kids shot all around the world (Zimbabwe, Czech Republic, China, etc) interspersed with engaging stories, interactive games and songs that help the children connect with the various instruments and cultures.  We also have top-level professionally filmed full stage concerts from some of the world's top venues that can be used as well.
  • Hybrid Model: This model combines some beautifully produced footage of Etkin and Clara Net around the world along with live moments where Etkin performs and interacts with the audiences live.
  • Duo concerts (great for a series of concerts) - each time Etkin and Clara Net are joined by another guest artists (percussionist from Brazil, Kora player from Mali, etc).  Clara meets a new musical friend as the children learn songs and dances from a new culture and see how fresh music can be made across cultural boundaries. 

Concerts available in English, French, Hebrew & Portuguese!

On Stage

Etkin and his Timbalooloo band have performed at major theaters and stages around the world including Kennedy Center, Central Park SummerStage, Istanbul Jazz Fest, North Sea Jazz Fest, Théâtre National De La Criée Marseille and more. We are now starting to book shows for when venues re-open (starting with a European tour in November 2020).  Contact us about various live formations ranging from duo to quintet!