In the News

November 16, 2015

Colorado Public Radio ( covered Oran and Timbalooloo’s recent work in Denver with the American Speech Language Hearing Association, reminding kids not to turn the volume up too high.

Excerpt from the radio spot: “At Greenwood Academy in northeast Denver, New York-based jazz musician Oran Etkin and his trio, including a bassist and drummer, get an auditorium full of first and second graders dancing around, clapping their hands…He gets the kids to pretend to be a giant ear, waving their arms like the sensitive hairs inside called cilia. He teaches about the damage that can be done when the noise is pumped up too much….’One thing that I really want them to get is the joy of listening,’ Etkin said. ‘And the joy of hearing. So once they value their hearing then they can really protect it.”