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Welcome to the 2017-18 BARROW STREET NURSERY SCHOOL page!

On this page you can follow along with what your children are learning in Timbalooloo music classes at school and interactively engage your children in the learning process at home! We will continuously update the page throughout the year as the children discover great artists and instruments from various cultural traditions around the world in class.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to email us at You can also join our email list on the right side of this page to get updates about classes and concerts that you and your child can attend!

What is Timbalooloo?


Some of the instruments the kids will meet this year

One unique aspect of the Timbalooloo Method is that all of the instruments come to life and “talk” through their music, so that when it’s the children’s turn to play, they are not simply executing the correct notes, but rather performing the magical act of making their instrument talk and come to life. This helps them to bring character, humor and emotion to the music! If your kids have been coming home saying Caxixi (pronounced Ka-Shi-Shi) or Oeuf , Djembe or Ngoma, you’ll soon discover why…



Meeting the djembe and learning Yekeke

 This year we will have a special focus on the music of West Africa.  The children will meet a drum named Djembe who says “Ye Ke Ke” when he gets happy, leading into the learning of this traditional song from Mali and Guinea. Check back soon for a video of Yekeke!

Meeting the Piano and learning Herbie Hancock’s Watermelon Man

After we explore the percussion family, we will learn about the piano – discover where the high and low sounds are and learn about the great jazz pianist Herbie Hancock!
Here is a lesson about Herbie’s classic composition, Watermelon Man:


We are grateful that Herbie Hancock has been very supportive after he found out about the very young children learning his music.  He invited Timbalooloo to perform for UNESCO’s International Jazz Day and he recorded this special greeting to all the Timbalooloo kids where he pretends to be the character “Watermelon Man”:


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