LA Classes

Timbalooloo Classes Coming To Los Angeles!
Timbalooloo is a new approach to teaching music developed by New York based musician and composer Oran Etkin, inspired by the intuitive way that children learn languages at an early age.  Children learn to play music by making their instruments come alive and talk through their music. They learn music of great masters from many cultures – Duke Ellington to Tito Puente, Mozart to Herbie Hancock, Indonesian Gamelan to Brazilian Samba – all through fun stories and games.

Joanna Wallfisch, one of our top-level teaching artists who has worked closely with Timbalooloo founder Oran Etkin in New York for several years, is now moving to Los Angeles and bringing the joys Timbalooloo with her!
How can you bring Timbalooloo into your child’s life?
  • Home classes: parents form a group of 4 or more children that meet once a week in someone’s home.
  • School classes: we would love to speak with your child’s school to see how we can contribute to the musical life of your community.  Some schools have us provide their full in-school music program while some do after-school classes or residencies.  We provide schools with online resources for parents to engage in the curriculum with their children as well.
Age Range: 6 months – 8 years old.  Classes work best when the children are close in age if possible.  For ages 4 and up, we offer a special class called the growing glockenspiel.

  • Home classes are based on a semester rate: 8 week semester is $280, 9 week semester is $315, 10 week is $350 etc.
  • Half-price discount to the parent who organizes/hosts the class and also to the second sibling if a family is enrolling two siblings (even if they’re in different classes)
  • $20/child for a trial-class for a new group that has not had Timbalooloo before and is considering forming an ongoing semester (not applicable to parties or one-time events)

You can fill out our pre-registration if you are interested in hosting a class or joining a class!