Do you offer Timbalooloo classes that incorporate other languages? We also offer Shabbat Timbalooloo, Timbalooloo classes with Hebrew language and Jewish themes, and we also offer French Timbalooloo (as we do at Alliance Francaise preschool) and Spanish Timbalooloo. Dependent upon teacher availability.

Do you do birthday parties and/or other special events? Yes! Any time of year. Please email us to inquire about planning your event.

Do hosts need to provide anything besides space? It is not necessary to provide refreshments, etc., just an open space about 6’x6’ and access to a bathroom. An alternative location might be your apartment building’s community space or playroom.

Must classes be in the same location every week or can parents alternate locations? We certainly prefer that classes take place in the same location every week because it makes it easier to plan, but sometimes parents alternate locations occasionally due to a logistical matter.

Do I stay with my child during the class? The younger age groups do well with parents or caregivers present and participating in class, whereas the older age groups focus better without the presence of parents or caregivers in the room of the class (encourages more “school behavior”). Please note that the teacher of the class is a specialized music teacher who is coming in specifically to teach music. They are not responsible for things such as basic child-care, bathroom or health and safety needs of the children. Those things are the responsibility of parents and caregivers present and their awareness helps make the class run smoothly.

Do you offer free drop-in or trial classes? Due to the unique personal nature of how Timbalooloo classes are formed and scheduled in private homes, we do not offer drop-in classes. However, if you are unsure if Timbalooloo class is a good fit for your child, we will happily refund the semester fee (minus $40) up to one week after the first class. After the second class the payment is non-refundable. But, if for some reason you’re still on the fence after the first class, just email us to request an additional week before committing.

Do you offer any discounts? Brooklyn Discount – Since the Timbalooloo crew is based in Brooklyn, we discount classes held here at 15%. Sibling Discount – Since brothers and sisters will want to join in the fun, we offer a full 50% discount for any sibling concurrently enrolled in a Timbalooloo home class, even if it’s a different age group or different class.

What is your policy on make-up classes and refunds? We know you plan your schedule around these classes and we do our best to make sure the classes run as scheduled. In the rare instance when we have to cancel a class (for example if the instructor is sick and we are unable to provide another teacher for the scheduled class), we will either schedule a make-up class for that cancelled class or issue a pro-rated refund for that one class. We do not issue refunds or make-ups for missed classes or cancellations by parents.

What is your policy for cancellations due to inclement weather? We typically follow the New York City Public Schools closures unless otherwise agreed upon with the group to continue class on a particular day.

How is payment processed? Payment is preferred via credit card or e-check through our secure online invoicing system. Alternatively, paper checks may be mailed to us.

Do you offer private lessons? Many parents inquire about private music lessons after experiencing the joy of Timbalooloo group classes. We are currently creating our private instruction program and hope to be able to offer it to you very soon!

Most families start with us in group classes at home or in school. Please see our Home Classes page for more information. If you’re interested in private instruction and would like to be contacted as it becomes available, please contact us.

More questions? Email Therese Condit, Education Manager, at timbalooloo@gmail.com or call us at 646.926.1840.