Classes by Age

For home classes, parents gather a group of friends for a class that meets weekly at someone’s home. Classes are taught by a trained Timbalooloo teacher. Instruments come to life and become characters, so children learn to play music by performing the magical act of making their instruments talk! We draw on the music of great masters from various cultures, from Herbie Hancock to Mozart, Willie Nelson to Miriam Makeba and Tito Puente.

Ages 0 – 2: Classes focus on the connection between parent/caregiver and child, help internalize rhythms and contrasts through movement and awaken awareness of the body and the child’s first hands-on experience with a variety of instruments.

Ages 2 – 3: Classes involve stories about great artists and composers from around the world, singing and playing percussion instruments. Many professional instruments are demonstrated and the kids get a chance to try them.

Ages 4 – 7: Classes introduce the Growing Glockenspiels™ which each child gets to take home between classes and keep forever (a glockenspiel is a xylophone-like instrument that is laid out like a piano with the black and white keys). However, at first their Glockenspiels only have the note middle-C on them, and are “one note old”. Each time that the children learn how to write a note on the music paper and play a new song with it, they then get a new note, and their glockenspiel grows up (the kids say “my glockenspiel is 12 notes old today”, etc). Each song is introduced through a fun story that gives historical and cultural context and a familiarity with the great composers from different cultures. For example, the story of Curious George Gershwin discovering rhythm in the basement of Duke Ellington’s castle leads to learning the Gershwin classic “I’ve Got Rhythm”. The children learn to write music, and when the glockenspiel has grown all the way up, it looks just like a piano, so any song that the children know on the glockenspiel is then directly transferable to piano or whatever other instrument they choose to pursue. The goal is not just to execute the correct notes, but to really understand how music works in the process. For this reason, the class is valuable both to children who have never played another instrument before and to those who are taking instrumental music lessons separately.

Mixed Ages: Classes of a mixed age group are also possible, but decided on a case by case basis. Mixed classes require diligent participation from parents.


To arrange for your own home class, please fill out our brief online class initiation form.

Therese Condit
Timbalooloo Education Manager


Growing Glockenspiel Class – Timbalooloo Music from oranetkin on Vimeo.