About the Method

Timbalooloo is a new method of teaching music that brings the joy of music making into the lives of children around the world… and brings the world into the lives of children! We believe in the power of teaching music during the crucial early years when children can learn languages easily and naturally, so they can become fluent in the language of music. Timbalooloo offers school and home classes, live concert performances and albums for kids.

Timbalooloo creator Oran Etkin is an acclaimed clarinetist and composer who can be heard on major concert stages throughout the world and on a recent GRAMMY Award Winning anti-bullying compilation. Yet Etkin feels equally at home when he’s in New York, sitting cross-legged on the floor surrounded by a gaggle of spellbound children presenting a riveting story about Herbie Hancock, Mozart or his musical travels in Indonesia. Etkin has hand selected and trained a core group of creative educators who teach using his method. Through their work, the Timbalooloo Method has reached over 1,000 children aged 6 months – 10 years old in NYC as well as kids in LA, Paris, Tokyo and Shanghai!

The instruments come to life and “talk” through their music so that when it’s the children’s turn to play, they are not simply executing the correct notes, but rather performing the magical act of making their instrument talk and come to life, bringing character, humor and emotion to the music! The children explore music and culture from many traditions – from Mozart to Tito Puente. The benefits beyond music are also far reaching – math, history, cultural appreciation, speech, fine and gross motor and many other skills are developed, not to mention the most important skill in life…to really listen to what is happening and then find a way to add your own beauty to what is going on at the moment.